Phara Dar has been bested by <Broken Wave>. Kunark is complete!

<Broken Wave> has defeated Phara Dar with 30 in attendance. Congrats to all who participated. Bring on Velious!

Gore down. VP, here we come!

<Broken Wave> has defeated Gorenaire, the hardest encounter in Kunark. Next step, Veeshan's Peak. Grats to all in attendance!

Trakanon has been defeated. Let the key farming begin!

<Broken Wave> has defeated Trakanon. Grats to all in attendance.

Talendor has been extinguised. Grats !

<Broken Wave> has defeated Talendor. Grats to all in attendance!

<Broken Wave> cleanses Severilous.

<Broken Wave> has defeated Severilous. Grats to all in attendance!

Venril Sathir down. Let Kunark begin.

<Broken Wave> has defeated Ventril Sathir in a beautifully efficient kill. Grats to all in attendance.

The Sky has fallen into the crashing Wave. Classic complete!

<Broken Wave> has defeated the Eye of Veeshan, marking the completion of Classic. Grats to all in attendance!

The Wave shows no fear. Cazic Thule down.

Cazic Thule has been downed by <Broken Wave>. A truly productive night. Grats to all in attendance!

Wash the Hate away. Innoruuk down.

<Broken Wave> has committed deicide. Our first planar god is down. Grats to all in attendance!

Water beats ice. Lady Vox melted by the Wave.

<Broken Wave> has downed Lady Vox in our guild's first kill with 39 in raid.

Congratulations to Medic and Bird on their new Tobrin's Mystical Eyepatch! Congrats to Spark on the White Dragonhide and congrats to Travy and Bontil on the Dragon Bone Bracelets!

Lord Nagafen extinguished by the Wave.

<Broken Wave> has downed Nagefen in our guild's first kill with 44 in raid.

Congratulations to Lejaun and Paydro on the their new Cloak of Flames! Congrats to Ponak on the Gauntlets of Fiery Might! Congrats to Ricadylon and Erinn on their new Treasure Hunter's Satchels!

The Tide's Gone Out. The Wave's Surged In. Phinigel Down.

<Broken Wave> has bested Phinigel in our guild's first raid kill. Congrats to all in attendance. This marks the start of a great thing. Lady Vox and Nagafen are next.

<Broken Wave> is the premier West Coast-based guild, running raids in the evenings in PST. Currently the only guild planned for Phinigel that is doing so. We are now recruiting all classes for the launch of Phinigel, on December 9th, 2015.

The guild is founded on the following ideals:

  • Raid schedule of 3 days, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 8pm to 12am PST.
  • No official off-hours raiding (i.e. no batphoning).
  • Single boxes for raid loot.
  • Restricted DKP loot system.
  • Vote based decisions that affect the entire guild.
  • The guild will maintain a proper officer structure.
  • Mature playerbase. This includes behaving properly and not griefing others on the server.
  • The guild will require a proper invite/trial period once raiding begins.

<Broken Wave>

is also founded on a philosohpy of serious raiding that allows members to maintain their personal lives. The addition of raid instancing allows us to maintain a set raid schedule. Raid loot will be assigned on a Restricted DKP basis (certain items that are better for certain classes will have first shot at purchase - i.e. Blade of Carnage for Warriors) and will follow this general format (tenative to chage slightly):

  • DKP will be earned per hour at a fixed rate.
  • Auction style bidding in a raid chat.
  • DKP will decay to encourage attendance.
  • Fixed minimum bid amount.
  • DKP bonus for a raid kill.
  • DKP bonus for a first raid kill.

If you are interested in joining us, please make a post in our Recruitment Forum. Application will be open until raiding begins. Following that, you will be required to go through the application process. We look forward to meeting you and working together to progress through this game that keeps us coming back.

Current Recruiting Needs

Current minimum level: 55

Warrior Low
Paladin High
Shadow Knight Medium
Monk Low
Ranger Medium
Rogue High
Mage High
Necro Low
Wizard Medium
Bard High
Enchanter Low
Cleric Low
Druid Medium
Shaman Medium

Guild Progression